Welcome to the "secret page" I created for those who read my book "The Healing Attitude"!

Please read attentively till the end before starting practicing through the videos and links you'll find below.

On this page you will find:

  1. A series of 6 introductory short videos meant to help you get the best from this page and the Resources included

  2. A link to two videos (also available as audio files only), meant to help you reconnect to your inner resources and support your healing process

  3. A link to a playlist about the Move In Mind method

  4. A link to a Free Guide to Energy, Radiance, and Alignment, a PDF which includes a video and audio movement activation dedicated to women who want to integrate and embody the Four Elements.

  5. A link to a Healing Meditation, meant to help you connect to your inner healing resources and to the surrounding healing energies, passing on spiritual healing transmission.

  6. A link to a list of my books healing-related and links to find them, and a few books I suggest you read if you want to deepen some topics related to healing according to specific paths.

  7. A link to Three of my “healing paintings”, to be downloaded for free and which you can use for meditation.


I made this page free to access, so you will not receive an email with a “welcome” message, nor a series of emails, because there is no log-in required.

This page is accessible only through the link you found in my book, and I will be grateful if you keep this link and the following ones for yourself, because these resources are meant only for those who read the book.

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To honor the path on which I walk, as to honor my healing and spiritual teachers, I apply the rules of the path.

I work only with a few clients and students, and I keep my work affordable. It is a practice, not a business, so my newsletters are meant to share free content or information about what is coming soon (online meditations, workshops, and other events). 


As a premise, and this is valid for every single video, audio file, or other kinds of file you will find here and on the linked pages, I recommend you do only what you feel is suitable for you, and only if it’s not in conflict with the instructions and recommendations you received from your physician or whoever follows you. 


The tools you find on this page are not meant to replace medical procedures, therapies, or cures, nor to cure you or to heal you, but to support you on your path towards healing and integration.

The tools you find on this page are a kind of complement - complementary tools that you can use to improve your attitude towards healing and to help you reconnect to your inner resources.

1.  How To Get The Best From These Resources

The following series of short videos (6) are meant to help you get the best from this page and the Resources included.

Please watch the videos by following the order so as to get a better understanding and better results.

For better results, I recommend you follow the videos or audio files included in this page while sitting (or laying down) comfortably, following my instructions, practicing what I tell or show you, and avoiding doing anything else in the meantime.

You are welcome if you want to sip your beverage, of course, but please don't listen to the audio files or the videos while driving or doing anything requiring your attention. 

You are meant to stay present to my guidance. Remember: healing is supported by presence. Thank you!

Find the Other Healing Resources by Clicking on the Links Below:

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Thank you!