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A Message about the New Moon in Aries (EN - IT)

Italian below/Italiano in fondo: Happy New Moon in Aries!

In my morning meditation today I picked up this Arcana from the deck I created, The Arcana of the Threshold (sorry, the photos are a bit dark because it was 5:30am and I use only candles in my meditation room before the sunrise).

According the Sefer Yetzirah - The Book of Formation (or Creation), considered one of the most important esoteric texts, the letter of the Hebrew Alphabet traditionally associated with The Hierophant of the Tarot is also connected with Aries.

By looking at this Arcana, you can see a five-pointed star, that is also the silhouette of a human body.

This Arcana speaks of manifestation.

Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac, associated with element Fire and the manifestation of Spirit on Earth in the form of Life.

It invites us to focus our attention on mind-body-spirit alignment and clarity of purposes, because by clarifying our purpose and setting clear intentions focused on reaching the goal we want to achieve, we also take the first steps to manifest our true self, our full potential, and the life we want.

Today I want to invite you to look at this card, take a deep breath like you could absorb all its energy, and then find a moment to reconnect with your purpose, to clarify your intentions and goals, and to let the Fire of Spring work, bringing new energy to your actions. Happy Spring!

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Un messaggio dalla Luna Nuova In Ariete