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A Special Invitation / Un Invito Speciale (EN - IT)

Italian below/Italiano in fondo:

It’s never easy to go through a move, and it’s even more difficult during these times. And especially after having been challenged by a wide range of invalidating symptoms for more than 2 years.

Between 2015 and 2019 I faced many health challenges and even unexpected turns in my career. Perimenopause and then menopause overlapped the symptoms of so-called chronic fatigue syndrome due to multiple factors, from old injuries to viral infections. But I never gave up. And it’s so rewarding for me to notice that I not only overcame the symptoms completely, but also gained much more strength and general wellbeing: I am much stronger, flexible, resilient, balanced in my mind and body, and capable of psychophysical endurance now than 5 or even 10 years ago. I never felt so good and at ease in my body and serene in my relationships before, despite the restrictions and limitations we all are going through right now.

In October, I spent 3 weeks packing everything (how many books!!), filling, carrying and moving boxes in the old house, and today it’s been 2 weeks spent unpacking and keeping moving boxes in the new house in Barrie (Ontario). I feel like Wonder Woman, really! And a Dragon. I love dragons, and I found one in Barrie too, so I took it like a sign of my new “status” - Queen of Dragons.

In fact, in many cultures Dragons (as well as Snakes) are considered the keeper of the deepest secrets related to health, wealth and regeneration - or rebirth. The Dragon in Barrie (that is a Sea Serpent, even better because of my connection with snakes) welcomed me like family!

In my life, and especially during challenging times, I never stopped learning, practicing my routines and working on myself, supported by my intrinsic resources and also by great teachers and coaches. Eventually I used my symptoms like a test, to improve and optimize my strategies, routines and practice in order to support other women going through the same issues. Who knows me knows that one of my core values is congruence. I would never teach something if I didn’t master it. I take the responsibility to guide others on a path only when I master every step on that path.

I am speaking to all my Sisters out there (dragons, witches, faeries…or, in one word, Women).

If you feel disoriented and need support. If you feel isolated. If you feel tired, or exhausted. If your emotions and mood looks like a roller coaster. If you want to improve your body-mind balance. If you want to increase your resilience. If you feel good and want simply to keep working on yourself to make this world a better place starting from within. If you want to learn self-love, improve your body image or your sense of self confidence - then write to me now. On Thursday November 12 2020 I will start a new cycle of 4 zoom meetings (both in Italian and English language), and I have still 3 free spots in each group.

If you red this post too late to register to this cycle of meetings, then contact me anyway, because I might have news for you.

We need to feel supported. Sometimes we even need to feel guided.

Especially in these times of uncertainty for many, above all we need to feel connected.

And especially when you feel discouraged, or when you need to take a leap but you don’t know how, or you don’t know where you are headed, you need a circle supporting you.

In those moments, you need to find a way to tap into the secrets of your physiology, connecting with your intrinsic resources to find a new balance. You need to activate and implement these resources in your daily life to achieve the changes you want to see in your life and in the world.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to welcome you to our circle.