"THANKS MONICA! Thanks because you gave me the opportunity to know my myself through my body and achieve a new freedom. I feel reborn and my attitude in life has changed for the better. All women should experience "in their flesh" how much they can be happier in their body. Thanks again!"

Pilar Ottoz, Anchorwoman at RAI - Italian National Television

"Monica has a unique and deep understanding of the body, mind, spirit connection. She brings great compassion and understanding into her broad spectrum of healing techniques, which is what makes her so deeply helpful."

Evelyn Hart, Ballerina (Royal Winnipeg Ballet), professional trainer & coach

“The work with Monica has been a wonderful journey of awareness that brought me to feel free in my body, soul and mind. Her Program has helped set me free from my perceived limitations and sense of insecurity. Monica has been able to help  me  see and understand aspects of myself I wasn't aware of, leading me to a deep life transformation."

Catia Domaine, Personal Trainer, fitness & wellness instructor

“The work with Monica is an empowering life changing journey for all those women who are dealing with life transitions"

Nori Bortoluzzi, Interior Designer

Monica is a phenomenal artist with incredible intuitive skills that never fail to amaze.

Wonderful to have had the pleasure of her presence!"

Mimi Novic, Inspirational Author & Life Coach

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