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New Moon, New Year: Happy Regeneration! (EN - IT)

Italian below/Italiano in fondo.

Today it's my birthday, and I decided to gift myself by doing something special.

I'm turning 56 and I'm grateful to see that all the work I keep doing on myself in order to help people increase body-mind-soul balance and alignment, resilience, self-awareness, despite what's going on... Works, and works for me first!

I was born on a Monday, and so this year, for my birthday, I decided to gift myself, and all those who are interested in what I love to teach, by starting a series of facebook "lives". Today I just started the series "Moon Tea with Monica" (you'll find the video replay below). But yesterday I suddenly realized I didn't own a moon teacup. So I took the time for a painting-meditation.

In the photos you can see the outcome, that is also another birthday gift I made to myself.

Friends, remember to celebrate yourself, and gift yourself with something you love and appreciate.

For me it's not "things".

It's experiences.

One year ago I bought some colors to paint some teacups, and never had the time to use them. Today I decided that it was the right moment.

While decorating this teacup, I spent one hour doing something I love with love.

Going live today, and then every Monday, I will spend time with love doing something I love.

Love, and our experiences, are something that will stay with us forever 💖

P.S. If you can, watch the video before Wednesday January 13th to enjoy this coming New Moon.

If you want to follow me on Facebook, you can attend the "lives" every Monday at 11h EST.

And in case you missed my post dedicated to the alchemical "Flamingo Medicine", you can find it HERE!

Felice Luna Nuova, Felice Anno Nuovo: Felice Rigenerazione!