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Winter Solstice 2020, Meditation & Activation (EN- IT)

The guiding Star

Italian below/Italiano in fondo. Dear Readers, this year the winter Solstice will take place coincidentally with the so-called “Great Conjunction”, the alignment between Jupiter and Saturn. The event occurs every 20 years or so, but this year, on December 21, these planets are going to be so close that they will create a single radiant point of light.

Symbolically speaking, Saturn represents wisdom, but also limits, discipline, time, in certain cases restrictions. It is the last planet visible to the unaided eye, and its rings suggest containment. Saturn reminds us about our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitment. It brings definition and meaning to our lives. Jupiter, the largest planet in our system, is associated to knowledge, abundance, expansion, and good fortune. It represents opportunities and possibilities, and the opening of new doors and horizons.

Both these planets, for different reasons and in different ways, are associated with spiritual awareness, personal development, and achievements, and this close conjunction, coincidental with the Winter Solstice, brings us a powerful message and some secrets to be unveiled and integrated in our existence.

This year (for sure a year we could define at least “peculiar”), the longest night in the Northern hemisphere will be extraordinarily illuminated by this alignment, and this event invites all of us to live at a deeper level of alignment between different aspects of ourselves and our life, in order to take a life-changing leap.

Being this event so powerful, I decided to celebrate it with a meditation-activation on zoom (for free), on Sunday December 20 at 5pm EST (Toronto/New York time) in English. The same meditation will take place at 5pm CET time, Rome, in Italian.

By registering, you’ll receive a link to the live meeting (the same link will work for the English and Italian meeting), and in case you cannot attend, a few hour later you’ll receive the link to the recording.

If you want to join me and access the secrets of this powerful celestial event, please register HERE. Looking forward to unveiling more in a few days...

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Cari Lettori e Lettrici, quest'anno il Solstizio d'Inverno coinciderà con la cosiddetta “Grande Congiunzione”, cioè l'allineamento tra Giove e Saturno. L'evento si verifica ogni 20 anni circa, ma quest'anno, il 21 Dicembre, questi pianeti saranno così vicini da creare un unico punto di luce radiante.