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About My Spiritual Journey (EN - IT)

I was just a teen (13 years old) when my dad brought home two wonderful books about Astrology for my mom, who had expressed some interest in that discipline.

But mom gave up almost immediately (too complicated!), while I felt so much attracted to those books.

I realized that for me that language was familiar. All the symbols, their meanings, and even the very complicated calculations to draw a natal chart (no home computers at that time!) had no secrets for me. In a few months I was able to draw and interpret a natal chart easily, and my thirst of knowledge in that direction grew fast.

I started to search correspondences between Astrology and Astronomy, and I landed on NeoPlatonism, Alchemy and Hermeticism. In a couple of years the Tarot conquered my soul and so my search expanded to their fascinating world.

In the meantime I was already deepening the study of psychology and physiology because I was already sure about the connection between the Macro and Microcosmos - the human being and the Universe.

I was 15 years old when I read “Synchronicity” by C. G. Jung, and just 18 years old when I started drafting my first book about the Major Arcana of the Tarot and their correspondences with ancient knowledge belonging to the Kabbalistic tradition and Astrology.

At the same age I started looking for a spiritual teacher to follow, because even if I was guided by the invisible dimension (at 17 I had discovered to be a medium, or a channel), I felt clearly I needed guidance also from the human tangible world.

It was 1983 when I started travelling, physically speaking (no internet at the time!), to meet healers, spiritual teachers, shamans, and medicine men and women in order to expand my knowledge, learn different approaches and practices, and hone my skills.

I worked alongside dozens of amazing teachers from different parts of the world and belonging to different spiritual traditions and spiritual consolidated lineages, from Judaism to Sufism, from Hinduism to Buddhism, from Shamanism to Medicine Paths - receiving specific spiritual transmissions and initiations.

With several of those extraordinary people I’ve studied only a few weeks, but from a few of them I’ve learned for many years, and I am still learning.

Among them, I love to mention Shaykh Nazim, a Sufi Master from whom I started receiving life-changing teachings in 1995, and two extraordinary women and healers who changed my life, too: Ai-Tchourek Ojun (Moonheart), Shaman from Tuva, and Habiba Abduraimova, Healer from Uzbekistan. Ai-Tchourek Ojun was the powerful Shaman from Tuva who explained to me the difference between my path as a spiritual teacher and healer, and her path as a Shaman. She explained to me that I have access also to the Angels because of my spiritual connections with the Sufis.

From Habiba, with whom I studied between 2002 and 2006, I received spiritual transmission enabling me to guide women in their spiritual journey and support them in their healing processes. Habiba was not only an extraordinary healer but also a model of openness, love and integration. She used to combine different tools from different spiritual traditions with hypnosis, psychotherapy, and other natural remedies.

Following the directions and teachings I received from Habiba, I lately approached the work of Bhola Nath Banstola, who was initiated into traditional Nepalese Shamanism at a very young age and carries the family shamanic lineage of his ancestors for many generations. Bhola has been a precious guide helping me connect some missing dots when Habiba passed to the invisible dimension of Life.