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Calling Awakened Women (EN - IT)

(Italian below/Italiano in fondo)

More than 20 years ago I had a dream in which a Dragon (looking like the one in the photo) was involved, and in which I experienced an intense connection with Mother Nature.

Since that moment I felt called to work with women in order to empower them and help them reconnect with their inner nature, that is also the essence of Nature itself.

Why work with women? Because a woman’s physical structure and physiology - independently from her sexual orientation - is strictly connected to Mother Nature’s cycles on Earth, and related Goddesses.

Women's Awakening

A woman's menstrual cycle usually lasts the same amount of days as the Lunar month, between 28 and 29 days. 

Moreover, the four Moon Phases, which reflect the four Seasons, mirror also the four phases of the menstrual cycle, and the four main stages of a woman's life: infancy, fertility, perimenopause, menopause.

In many ancient cultures and traditions around the world, those phases have been associated with Goddesses. There is a phase for "birth and beginnings", one for "achievement and celebration", one for "harvesting and differentiating", one for "death and rebirth”, and each phase is represented by different Goddesses, or different aspects - or archetypes - or the Goddess.

In this very peculiar moment that we are going through, I feel a strong call to action in order to make available more than 30 years of practice on a path devoted to healing and integration.

I am not going to say more about my path in this article. Anyway, if you are curious, you can find more about my background and path - which is still a work in progress because learning is a never-ending process - by looking at my Bio on my website.

I believe that we can make this world a better place by starting working within ourselves. I believe also that “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going” - quoting Beverly Sills, so I am not proposing “quick fixes”, nor miracles. I am just committed to creating more awareness about our mind-body-spirit connections, and about our connection with Nature and the environment. I am committed to share instruments enabling us to change the world from inside out, through the magic of embodiment.

I feel myself like a Dragon right now, a Dragon called to bring balance and awareness to the world working to help women manifest their true Self and inner Nature, in harmony with the world around and Nature itself.

In many traditions, Dragons and Snakes are the keepers of the treasures of Earth and play a crucial role in the empowerment of feminine energy.

In some of these traditions, our world has been created by a Dragon or Snake Goddess.

Right now, like never before, we are called to manifest our full potential as women, embodying our divine feminine essence, embodying the elements of Nature and the Goddess archetypes connected to it, in order to make this world a better place starting from within us.

This is why I created a Program dedicated to women who want to explore and embody the Elements of Nature and the Goddess archetypes through movement and dance, in order to perceive their body as the manifestation of Spirit on Earth, achieve body-mind-spirit alignment and express their True Self.