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Portraying the Invisible Dimension (EN - IT)

Aggiornamento: 5 mag 2021

Making the invisible seen.

(Italian below / Italiano in fondo) An enchanted world, which seems made of the stuff dreams are made of.

A subtle dimension where the light is brighter, the colours are more brilliant, the sounds more vibrant, the feelings more intense. A world in which every door is a threshold leading to the discovery of hidden treasures to be brought to the light. This is the world from which my inspiration comes.

The "portraits" I paint are very particular: I use my fingertips to spread the colour on the canvas or on the cardboard, without any brushes. There is something I cannot explain, maybe I should call it "energy", working through me when I paint, and I feel clearly that I need to be directly in touch both with the colours and the canvas (or cardboard) on which I'm painting. And I feel this "energy" very powerful, in fact usually the oil colours take several days to dry, but when I "channel" these kind of paintings it dries in a few days. When I "channel" these kind of portraits, opening my heart and mind to inspiration, I feel I “translate” in shapes and colours the "essential that is invisible to the eye". In this way, I feel I'm making the invisible seen.

I portray what I "see" and perceive on subtle, intangible planes, both about the invisible Nature of people - that we could call their Spiritual Essence, or Higher self.

And I also portray...Faeries.

Yes, I use to portray those “allies of mankind” - those subtle, ethereal Beings that, according to many popular and spiritual traditions, inhabit the Faerie Dimensions and the Realms of Nature.

I do it when I feel inspired, and very ofter I do it when people ask me to do it. I mean, the inspiration comes directly from the Faerie Dimension, but very often it comes when a person asks me to paint a portrait of his or her Essence and Soul, or of the Fairy, or Spirit of Nature, ally - and sometimes they are more than just one.

I would be glad to paint (I should say "to channel") a portrait of your Spiritual Essence or of one of your Faerie, Genies and Spirits of Nature allies. In the meantime, enjoy this gallery.

It includes some pictures taken when I was painting portraits of Faerie Beings, otherwise invisible to the eyes, and Portraits of the Essence for those who aspire to get in touch with the most profound and real aspect of their Being.

The paintings are oil on canvas or cardboard. You can take a look to this page on my website, too.

All the Portraits are unique, personalized and original works.


Ritraendo la Dimensione Invisibile

Rendendo visibile l'invisibile.

Un mondo etereo, incantato, che sembra fatto delle cose di cui sono fatti i sogni.

Una dimensione sottile dove la luce è più luminosa, i colori sono più brillanti, i suoni più vibranti, i sentimenti più intensi. Un mondo in cui ogni porta è una soglia che porta alla scoperta di tesori nascosti da portare alla luce.