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The Dragon who shook the Earth (EN - IT)

(Italian below / Italiano in fondo) Once upon a time there was a Dragon living in the depths of Earth. The Dragon was huge, snake-like; the planet had been his home for thousands of years, although the inhabitants of the surface were unaware of his existence. The Dragon's breath warmed the planet from its depth, guaranteeing a balance which the inhabitants of the surface never noticed. These people, in particular most of the ones so called 'humans', during the centuries had multiplied on such a large scale that they had started to believe they were the owners of the Earth that hosted them, and had begun to exploit it without thinking of the consequences. Or perhaps thinking that the consequences would hit the future generations, for whom they basically did not care so much. But the Dragon could feel everything, every movement on the surface, every drill, every explosion of those devices called 'bombs', each 'experiment' on what was taking place on Earth, especially those which had to do with the offences of the Earth's surface, above or below the seas and oceans.

Green Earth Dragon

And the Dragon, whose body resonated with the events on the surface, began to show signs of suffering, because every injustice and every action that caused pain on Earth generated pain also in his body, and consequently restlessness. He was very sensitive (because, you know, he was also sensitive to the suffering of all living species), so he started moving, in sleep and wakefulness, triggering the phenomena that humans call 'earthquakes'.

The Dragon did not want to cause harm, but you know, pain is pain, and it is not easy to stay still and calm when you feel pain.

The matter was even more complicated because of the resonance between the living beings on the surface and the Dragon. Because the more people were frightened, indulging in fear and despair, the more the Dragon felt fear and pain, and his restlessness grew.

Fortunately, on Earth there lived also people of wisdom, who knew the secrets of the Earth and knew of the existence of the Dragon. One of them reminded other people of good will about the existence of the Dragon, and his resonance with what was happening on the surface of the planet.

This wise person suggested that everybody create within themselves a state of calm, of peace and loving kindness to transmit to the Dragon, and to all the people who, on the surface of the Earth, were working to restore balance between mankind and the Earth, and Nature, itself:

"You have to start by calming your breath, breathing slowly and deeply, and listening to the beating of your heart that gently is calming down... Imagine inhaling light and fresh air, and exhaling calm and serenity, spreading them all around, around yourself and toward the depths of the Earth... starting to cultivate from your heart a growing awareness of the connections between everything existing, and acting accordingly, with responsibility and respect.

This would bring calm inside, and would calm the Dragon.

And then, start to tell this story and spread it all around. Tell the tale of the Dragon who lived in the depths of the Earth, to spread the message and spread the invitation to awareness and responsible actions, in order to increase respect for natural balance."

One by one, the inhabitants of the Earth began to pass the word, telling this story and other fairy tales that contain secrets. One by one, the inhabitants of Earth began to become every day more responsible for their actions, and little by little the balance between mankind and Nature was restored.