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Of Dragons and Ants (EN - IT)

(Italian below/Italiano in fondo) Today I was visiting my Guardian Dragon in the garden and a new Ant friend kept sticking with me, so I thought she was carrying a message.

Stone Dragon

Well, with 6 planets retrograde this week, I think that it would be nice to extend her message to everybody, so I took a picture of her too, and I decided to write this post.

Sister Ant

For those who are not familiar with Astrology, a “retrograde” planet is a planet which apparently “goes backward”. It is just an optical illusion because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun. When many planets are retrograde at the same time, we might take it as an invitation from the Universe to take our time, get a little distance from everything concerning us, and change our perspectives by experiencing new points of views. This might give us access to transformative opportunities we would have missed otherwise.

So, what could be an Ant’s perspective?

In many different parts of the world and according to many traditions, an Ant is a symbol of strength, patience, diligence, willpower, honesty, unity, determination, stamina, resilience, sacrifice, and loyalty. Ants are always persistent, showing us how to cross every hurdle with ease. Ants never give up, and despite their minute size, they possess an immense strength of accomplishment, reminding us that nothing comes easy in life without putting any effort. Ants are always at the service of a project related to their community, and serve a cause much beyond their own self and of a single individual.

I think that this Ant today might remind us that there are moments in our life in which patience, perseverance and inner work is most needed.

Let’s take time to look within honestly, and find new ways to improve our relationship with our “self” and our connection with the world surrounding us.

Let’s use this moment to work like Ants, in order to build a new sense of self and a new lifestyle more sustainable for our planet and the living community of which we are part.

Let’s work on our strength, resilience and awareness, overcome our fears and excuses, start taking care more responsibly of our self and our planet.

There are days in which we can fly as a Dragon in the sky, and days in which we have to work like Ants… to prepare to fly again.