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Ostara-Spring Rebirth (EN - IT)

Italiano in fondo/Italian below:

What do you think will come out from this egg?

My dragon assistant Isadorabella thinks: "A Dragon"!

While my flamingo assistant Flambelle thinks: "A Flamingo!"

Of course, it depends on what has been conceived. And then "brooded", protected, and nurtured. In this case, it could be a Dragon, and also a Flamingo.

Every day I consciously nurture my inner Dragon, my resilience, my strength, my presence, my deep connection with Nature, my Body and Spirit.

Every day I consciously nurture my inner Flamingo, my playfulness, my beauty, my gracefulness, my sense of humour, my deep connection with my Soul and Femininity.

Are you nurturing your inner Dragon? Are you nurturing you inner Flamingo?

Maybe for you it's something totally different (I have many other assistants and inner guides: a Tiger, an Ant, a Snake, a Cat, a Bat, a Phoenix, a Hummingbird...), but take a moment and ask yourself what are you presently nurturing.

Today in many parts of the world people are celebrating Easter. Easter takes its name from Ostara, the ancient celebration of Spring and of the rebirth of Nature in the Northern hemisphere.

Every day we can give birth to something new, or to a new version of ourselves.

Every day we can see something new coming to life in our existence, but the nature of this "something" depends on what we kept nurturing with our thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions.

So...what it is that you are nurturing right now?

Because that is what will become part of yourself and your life.

Happy Easter-Ostara-Spring! ✨

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