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In the Heart of Autumn - Samhain Meditation

In the Northern Hemisphere, the moment of the year between October 31 and November 1 corresponds to the heart of Autumn, the midpoint between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice. Amongst the ancient Celts, this moment was celebrated as Samhain and represented the end of the harvesting season, the beginning of the dark and cold part of the year, and the gate to the unseen. Autumn - or Fall - is the most transformative Season, in which we see how Nature works in order to guarantee its rebirth in the Spring. The heart of Autumn is about acknowledging the need of clarity and freedom from unnecessary bonds, in order to find nourishment in a deeper understanding of our relationship with the invisible world. This year it coincides also with the last days of the Waning Moon, which calls to to "rest and digest", meaning integrate and process, all the changes and events we experienced in the last months. This short video includes a Meditation-Activation of the gift that this moment of the year brings us. In the video, I am also mentioning the balance that Nature keeps on our beautiful Planet. In fact, in the Southern Hemisphere, this moment corresponds to the Heart of Spring, and so if you live below the Equator, I invite you to click HERE to find another blog post dedicated to it, including a video. I suggest you watch the video below between October 31 and November 4 (New Moon). But even if you find this post and video later, watch it anyway and follow the Medit-Activation, because you might find something useful for yourself. If you want to take a deeper glance at this magical moment, you can find HERE a video I shared one year ago, that is a bit longer, and can help you integrate the Autumnal gifts even more deeply.

You can find more information to deeply understand the correspondences between the Seasons, the Elements of Nature, the Moon Cycle, the menstrual cycle, and women's life stages in my book "The Sacred Body - Embody Your Feminine Wholeness at Any Age to Thrive by Reconnecting to Nature’s Cycles", which you can find HERE.

Enjoy the video and be well!



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