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Moving House: A Rite of Passage

Moving house initiation

Italian below/Italiano in fondo: Did you ever relocate somewhere far from “home”? Did you ever make a choice and decide to accept the struggles and challenges to move forward, and so also “move” literally to a new place?

I am a traveller, a nomad soul, and so my body follows. I mean, it happens that in my life I have been moving house a lot of times.

Every time it’s a new adventure and the enthusiasm overcomes the tiredness of packing and unpacking. But only because I take all the time I need to process the grief about leaving a place and people I love. I take the time to integrate the change.

This time I am taking three days to leave the house that hosted us for more than three years in Deux-Montagnes. Today the truck is leaving with all our stuff, and I will stay here, in the empty house with our three cats. I will take the time to rest a bit, thanking this land and its beauty for welcoming and hosting us, and getting ready for the leap.

We are moving from Quebec to Ontario, and for sure every place has a different “personality” - or “energy”, if you prefer. I believe that there are places calling us, or “resonating” with us, or “mirroring” us according to our inner state and according to the experiences we are called and meant to live.

This time, it’s Barrie that is calling and waiting for us.

Apparently, we could say we are moving because my husband found a new job around there. As usual, I should add, because we moved to Montreal eight years ago for the same reason, and then to Deux-Montagnes following its call. But I know that my husband is just the forerunner. This is his role, and he plays it well.

I can’t wait to get back together with him - now it’s three months we are apart. Our son will take a flight this evening so they will be together again very soon. Then, in a couple of days, the cats and I will finally join them.

I am staying, taking the time for cleansing the house and talk to its soul. We loved this house and we thought it would be our house for a lifetime. I am taking the time to talk to the spirits of the nature of this beautiful and powerful area.

With my friends, students and clients it’s a bit ….weird, because with the lockdown and so on, we became used to video tea-chats and online sessions, and so it will be not so much different. This is something making me feel grateful for the internet, allowing me to keep in touch with everybody I love and work with, despite any physical distance.

I am taking the time to honour this passage, from this house to a new one, honouring both of them because I believe in the importance of Rite of Passages. It’s Autumn, the most appropriate Season for reflection, contemplation, and the acceptance of big changes and transitions. It’s the door to an intimate space in which we can connect with our deepest intrinsic resources. It’s the gate to the invisible side of life and of our consciousness.

This year, on October 31 at 5pm ET in English (and at 5pm CET in Italian), I’ll be waiting for you all, welcoming you virtually in my new space, to celebrate with me this transition through a moment of reflection and meditation. For those who are interested and didn’t register yet, take a look at the Events page of my website. If you are reading this post after October 31, you should find a new blog post dated November 1, including the recording of the meditation.

There is nothing like moving house that can help us rewire literally our brain.