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Winter Treasures - Meditation & Activation (EN - IT)

Italian below/Italiano in fondo

As we know, the Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the coldest season in the Northern hemisphere, but represents also the "rebirth" of the Sun. From the Winter Solstice the daylight starts increasing, day after day.

We can say that Winter preserves and protects the “roots” of Nature’s rebirth which takes place in the Spring: Winter is the season in which everything looks still but the work of Mother Nature, underground and hidden, prepares the world for the Spring resurrection.

If we look at how the Solar cycle reflects the Lunar Cycle, we see that the entry into Winter corresponds to the New Moon. In the monthly menstrual cycle, the New Moon represents menstruation, and in a woman's life cycle it corresponds to menopause.

In a woman's life, menopause is not simply "the end of the fertile phase" as we are often taught to believe. It is the beginning of a phase that represents the expression of limitless femininity, allowing us to embody all the previous phases, therefore also fertility, expressed at a higher level. Menopause represents the energy of the monthly cycle transformed to serve different purposes, first of all a “real” rebirth, in our body and soul. In the same way, the Winter Solstice represents the entrance to a phase that guarantees us not only a transformation, but a "transmutation", a change of "substance" and not just of "form".

This year, during the Winter Solstice, the Sun enters Capricorn closely conjoined with Mercury. An invitation to act with rationality, not meant as the opposite of irrationality, but as the integration of the symbolic and creative dimension with the logical and analytical dimension. “Rational”, in fact, means balanced.

At the same time, Neptune and the Moon are very close, in the sign of Pisces. This conjunction calls us to open ourselves to inspiration and to spiritual, humanitarian purposes, but always through a balanced approach, remembering Mercury in Capricorn. An invitation to keep our feet on the ground, well rooted, and to keep our balance even while opening to mysticism and compassion.

This invitation to balance is definitely underlined by the Great Conjunction of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, which is the sign that the Sun is leaving, and Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, the sign the Sun is entering.

Both planets come together at the beginning of the Aquarius sign, which invites us to open up to something different from what we already know.

Let's look at the significance of these two planets. Saturn is considered the censor, the one who sets limits and set the rules, like time that regulates and marks our activities. Saturn is associated with restrictions, trials, and also to all the conditioning of the past, which have structured and allowed us to get here. But also to wisdom, to experience due to time, to maturation, and to distinguish between necessary structures and superstructures to be abandoned in order to achieve stable and lasting results.

Jupiter is considered the benevolent, the bringer of expansion, wealth, prosperity, abundance and "good luck". He is the one who provides with munificence, associated with knowledge, travels and to the exploration of new horizons.

This Great Conjunction, which exceptionally coincides with the Winter Solstice, well represents the "narrow door" of birth.

During our stay in the womb, we develop into a reassuring container.

We know nothing of what lies beyond, and in order to come into the world we pass through a narrow channel, an uncomfortable moment of extreme restriction. But that moment of restriction leads us to our birth, an opening to a totally new world, a much broader degree of freedom, a wider dimension in which we can grow and take action.

This conjunction, which coincides with the Winter Solstice, speaks to us of a passage through the uncomfortable to access a new model of comfort and a new dimension of growth.

Shrink to expand. Contain to release.

The keyword in this process is "channel". Every restriction is given to prepare us for an expansion. The questions we might ask ourselves are: