2021 - My Alchemical Wishes for a Conscious Rebirth (EN - IT)

Monica & Flambelle

Italian below/Italiano in fondo.

Introducing Flambelle, my new assistant. She will help me bring sparkles of awareness, light and lightness to the world in 2021.

For sure 2020 has been an intense year, in which several of my friends have left this earthly life.

For me, it has been a year of reflection, dedicated to deep inner work. The year in which finally I decided to step into my role fully, accepting to teach and share my expertise and all what I have been achieving in my life, always with a bit of meaningful and healthy humour.

Flamingos represent the art of keeping balance in our life independently of any circumstance, and remain steady in the midst of chaos. They are the embodiment of Nature's Elements, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, and models of beauty, harmony and integration.

Flamingos represent the perfect balance between Solar and Lunar energies, and masculine and feminine aspects. They symbolize our immortal soul and the passage through different dimensions of being. They represent transformation and transmutation, and are regarded as the embodiment of the Phoenix, the immortal bird who rises again from the flames and ashes.

Flamingos are masters of balance and resilience, and teach us how to overcome any storm in life, turning limitations into resources, and staying open to changes. They are loving and playful creatures, and you can find also same-sex couples in Flamingo flocks.

Flamingos are social beings, representing beauty, brightness, cooperation, relationships, open-mindedness and open-heartedness, community, and above all harmony, which is a prerequisite for healing. They are bringer of serenity and wellbeing, and open the door to a satisfied and fulfilling life.

Their bright and flamboyant color is an invitation to shine, to express our inner resources and radiance, and to walk on the path of integration and self-actualization gracefully, in order to express our maximum potential in harmony with the surrounding world, acknowledging our body as the keeper of spiritual treasures.

Flambelle and I are more than ever committed to transmitting the art of shining steadily like stars to all those who want to embody harmony and express their maximum potential turning any challenge into a precious resource. I wish you all to open yourself to the Flamingo Medicine in 2021, and enjoy your alchemical rebirth, turning all the lead into gold.


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2021 - I miei Auguri Alchemici per una Rinascita Consapevole

Vi presento Flambelle, la mia nuova assistente. Mi aiuterà a portare scintille di consapevolezza, luce e leggerezza al mondo nel 2021.

Sicuramente il 2020 è stato un anno intenso, in cui molti dei miei amici hanno lasciato questa vita terrena.

Per me, è stato un anno di riflessione, di lavoro interiore profondo, l’anno in cui ho deciso di entrare pienamente nel mio ruolo, accettando di insegnare e condividere la mia esperienza e tutto ciò che ho ottenuto nella mia vita, sempre con un po’ di sano senso dell’umorismo.