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Dreams Are Necessary (EN - IT)

Burning by Love

(Italian below / Italiano in fondo) It’s time to confess, and tell the truth about me.

I’m a fairy. And these are hard times for faeries.

Well, I tried to have a 'normal', human life, hiding my true nature, and doing normal things as most of the humans do. But it didn’t seem to be working.

I had understood what I am since my childhood, and I learned that many of us (I mean many creatures belonging to the faerie realm) were born as humans, attempting to save this poor planet, by bringing to mankind more awareness about all the connections among nature, human life and… Ok, it’s too long to explain. To cut it short, for many years I tried to seem 'normal', a woman like many others (maybe just smaller...), hiding my skills working undercover, choosing a job...that anyway has something to do with arts and healing, because I'm a fairy. And a fairy, you know, loves arts, nature, and brings healing to people, even when she tries to hide herself and her true nature.

But something didn’t work.

And I’ve started burning.

Something was going wrong in my half-human body (that actually looks like completely human… ), and it seemed that my nervous system was consumed by a kind of inner fever due to a nasty virus (probably the 'varicella zoster virus', that decided to attack deeply my nervous system instead of expressing itself in the role of shingles) or something like this.

It happened exactly one year ago today. A burning pain everywhere, as if all my body was on fire. It was paralyzing. And it seemed that there was not a therapy (a known one, I mean). I was sure of that, and I'm sure it was much better for me, because I never react to therapies like a 'normal' person (because I’m a fairy, but it’s much better not to try to explain this to physicians because they immediately feel the impulse to send you to see a psychiatrist. Actually, one of my friends is a psychiatrist, but fortunately he believes in faeries, too… ).

So I was just accepting my condition, thinking that probably I had done something wrong (maybe some wrong choice in my life?), and it was too late to change my destiny. I was consumed by fire. And I was standing between Life and Death.

Then I had a Dream.

It was not really a dream. It was more a 'real meeting' with someone special. The kind of meeting that you can have just in your dreams, when you are aware of the power of some dreams that actually are doors on other dimensions. In these meetings, you can receive some special visitors.

It started like a dream. I was walking in a kind of desert. Sand everywhere. And I was still burning, so I decided to sit down on the sand, when a man appeared, riding a kind of motorcycle (or maybe it was a dragon...). He seemed young, slim and very fast and agile in his movements. I couldn’t see his face very well because he was so bright and shining. The motorcycle (or dragon...?) disappeared, and I understood that it was not a dream and he was not a man.

He was a Genie. A kind of spirit of fire, but much more powerful than a simple one. Because these kind of genies are a combination between fire and pure light.